Now that school has officially begun for most students, thoughts turn to homework and tests. In the first part of the school year, setting time aside for homework comes natrually. But as the first few weeks fly by and extra-curricular activities set in, homework becomes less and less of a priority. Do not let this happen in your household! Make it the mainstay of your regular after-school and evening routine and it will become a habit that will benefit your student greatly both now and in the future.

Some helpful tips:

Keep the television off until all homework is completed.

Create a homework "station" that is always accessible, with
pencils,pens, paper, flashcards, etc. handy. (Snacks are a
great idea too to have available at your students fingertips-
the less distractions the better!)

Limit computer use to "homework related only" until all work is

You, as a parent, are your child's role model. Encourage them to give good effort
in all their studies. If your student sees how important their school work is to
you, it will become important to them too.

Don't forget to reward your child's hard work on the weekends!

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