When it comes to studying for math, most students begin by looking over their homework. This is a great beginning to preparing for a test, but it is not enough! The majority of people that struggle in math have their biggest difficulties when it comes to testing.

I always suggest to my students to prepare themselves for a test by taking a test!

Normally when a math student has trouble working a problem, they refer back to the lesson or other similar problems in the homework. Of course during a test this is not possible. So to prepare for a test I recommend that you do not prepare this way!

My suggestion is this:

1. Select problems from sections that you will be tested on and that you have correct answers for.

2. Write them out on paper (without the answers!)

3. Put away all reference materials you normally use.

4. Clear a work space in a quiet area where you can work undisturbed.

5. Pretend you are taking the test for real and work all the problems on your own--just as you would in an actual test.

6. Use the answers to the problems to grade your own test and caluclate your score.

7. Circle any problems you missed.

8. Go back to the lessons and homework and re-learn the concepts.

9. Do some practice problems.

10. Make and give yourself another test.

11. Repeat this until you have mastered the material.

p.s. This is not as time consuming as summer school!!!!!!

Remember, you CAN do math!!!!


Marina said...

This is very helpful!! My step-daughter has a little trouble w/ math; I'm not good at it myself. This will efinitely come in handy!! Thanks Angie!!

Angie Ruark said...

Glad to help!! keep me posted and be sure to let me know if you have specific questions. I will check often to give timely answers!!

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