It's that time of year again! Time to begin a new year and a new school semester.

This semester, begin with success-building strategies that will enable you or your student to succeed in math.

1. Be consistent in doing homework.
Homework allows for concepts learned in class to be solidified. Complete all the assigned homework and check for correctness. Even though teachers assign even numbered problems for homework, there are most often similar odd-numbered problems that have answers in the back of the text that allow you to see if you are on track. Meet with your teacher or a tutor for extra explanations.

2. Don't wait to get help.
If you begin to fall behind in understanding the concepts, get help right away rather than right before a test or an exam! The problem will only compound if you wait. Sometimes all it takes is one extra meeting with your teacher or a tutor to get you back on track. If you find you need long term help, it will be much easier to begin right away, so you aren't playing catch-up.

3. You really do need to study for a math test.
It is vital that you give yourself a reality check when it comes time for a test. Make and take practice tests, rework examples and problems with correct answers so you can check your work.
Study terms, definitions, and properties so you know them without having to look them up. This will make problem solving easier.

4. Check your fundamentals.
Do you find yourself struggling to remember multiplication facts or operations with fractions or decimals? Take time to strengthen these areas so they don't slow you down when you tackle more advanced problems.

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6. Don't give up-- You CAN Do Math!

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